Survey Research Training and Consultancy

Dr Pamela Campanelli offers a consultancy service to ensure that you get the best results from your survey & collaborative research methods

The Survey Coach offers a consultancy service to ensure that you get the best results



Ask that one question to which you have always wanted to know the answer OR commission Dr. Campanelli to work with you throughout your whole survey process.

Current and Former Consultancy and Collaborative Research Clients

  • General Pharmaceutical Council (Introduction of a sampling scheme)
  • CELT, University of Hong Kong and Technology (Full audit of survey research centre)
  • European Health Interview Survey (Review of multi-national cognitive interview results on alcohol questions)
  • 3 year ESRC grant with the National Centre and the University of Essex (Mode of data collection effects on measurement error)
  • NHS Information Centre (Creation of ITT for new surveys)
  • Statistics Netherlands (Advanced letter experiment)
  • Kathryn Rathouse Social Research (Issues in questionnaire design, analysis, sampling)
  • Skillset (Questionnaire review)
  • Exmouth Community Association (Questionnaire review)
  • CWDC (Questionnaire review)
  • Wigan Borough Council (Review of questionnaire, drawing of sample, and collaboration on analysis)
  • National House Building Council (Investigation into discrepancies between surveys)
  • Picker Institute Europe (Issues in sampling and analysis and hiring a statistician)
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